• 19 Jun 2018 by Doug Bruhnke

    Special thanks to Brenda Harrington for pulling together the regional Advisory Board of the chapter and for leading our discussion yesterday.

    Brenda is a certified executive coach with Adaptive Leadership Strategies, based in Northern Virginia. Her well-developed leadership skills were on full display as she rounded up the 16 of us, and created a path forward.

    Thank you, Brenda!

    We also thank Tania Eggleston for hosting the event at Clements. It's a first-class office facility in the heart of DC, and we discussed the possibility of holding future events at the location as well. Thank you, Tania!

    Regarding next steps, there was solid movement toward creating some specific committees, and that work will progress through the summer, for reporting at our next Advisory Board meeting in September.

    Here's the Advisory Board for Baltimore/Washington. If we missed you, let us know. And send us your photo and bio, too.

    Also in the meantime we are searching for an Executive Director for the region. We're fortunate to have a Deputy Director (Larry Brill), a Chair of the Advisory Board (Brenda Harrington) and a Global Advisor (LeAnn Young)... along with a very strong group of leaders on the Advisory Board. Thank you all!

    I'm leading the Executive Director search... and I'll keep everyone posted. If you have ideas of specific people, please let me know at

    The ED is a global business leader who builds the local chapter of Global Chamber. The best case is for an Executive Director to be living in the metro area for a few years with a long term desire to stay. He/she will be experienced and passionate about global business, is consultative, is responsive, has a leader personality, has wide and strong connections, and is entrepreneurial. She/he has the financial flexibility to ramp up revenue and the interest for recurring annual revenue. They often have their own consulting business so that they can cherry-pick opportunities, balancing that cleanly with our work.

    In the meantime we'll keep things moving forward including adding and connecting members, and more.

    All the best, Doug Bruhnke

    Acting Executive Director, Global Chamber Baltimore/Washington



  • 13 Jun 2018 by Global Chamber

    Global Chamber Baltimore/Washington was pleased to be invited onto 'Aha Radio' with Allan Hirsh this last Tuesday.

    Allan is an experienced business owner, CEO, entrepreneur and a community leader with a passion for strengthening and growing organizations and developing leaders. He created Allan Hirsh Advisors with a mission to help small and mid-size business owners/CEOs become better leaders, better decision-makers, and achieve profitable growth for their businesses.

    Listen to the podcast HERE with Allan,

    Larry Brill, Deputy Director of Global Chamber Baltimore/Washington, and Doug Bruhnke, Founder/CEO of Global Chamber.

    Global Chamber is a growing and collaborating community of CEOs, executives and leaders in 525 metro regions around the world focused on growing global business and advancing business success.

    Our Vision is a world where cross metro and cross border business is as easy as selling across the street. It's happening... it's inevitable... and our global team is making it more of a reality every day.

    We provide members with warm business connections and tailored opportunities just right to grow their business... connecting with customers, trusted partners and expert resources to grow globally. When members engage with Global Chamber®, risk is reduced and cross metro and cross border growth accelerates.

    Global Chamber® is the only organization in the world with hundreds of locations and a mission to help executives grow their business from anywhere to everywhere, while collaborating with organizations in every metro area.

    Our Mission is to accelerate cross-border trade and investment by engaging top executives and regional leaders with connections and information to grow business, increase community success and change the world.

    Thank you, Allan for the opportunity!!

    More about Allan Hirsh HERE. Hear the program on Tuesdays!