• 20 Apr 2017

    A recent webinar by Global Chamber® on March 28, 2017 shared information about the opportunities, risks, and guidelines for doing trade with Russia, Cuba and Iran. This webinar was hosted by Global Chamber® Baltimore/Washington member, WCC International, and Global Chamber® Worldwide.

    We learned that trade is possible with Russia, Cuba and Iran, however, anyone wishing to enter these markets must first do much up front research and homework.

    Our speakers discussed the different special sanctions in place, how companies can best navigate these restrictions, and what available resources are available to assist companies interested in these markets.

    Our expert speakers also reminded us of the importance to monitor these markets on an on-going basis as guidelines and rules for doing business with sanctioned countries change frequently. Thank you WCC International and all of our panelists!


    Patty Azar, from Vision Alignment, led this informative discussion.  

    Our panel of experts, who shared their knowledge and expertise, included:

    Elshan Baloghlanov, WCC International (Bethesda, MD) - Elshan is an international trade specialist and the Managing Director at WCC International. He and his firm help companies buy and sell across borders, particularly in the Caspian Black Sea Region.

    Doreen Edelman - Baker, Donelson (Washington, DC) -  Doreen is a shareholder and co-chair of Baker Donelson's global business team. She has 25 years experience counseling companies on export compliance, obligations, and responsibilities.

    Kerry Contini, Baker McKenzie (Washington, DC) - Kerry provides counsel for the firm's outbound practice group. She has written on export controls and sanction issues for several publications including the Export Practitioner. Her focus is on export controls, trade sanctions, and anti-boycott laws.

    That's me LeAnn Young on the left. It was a pleasure to learn more at this webinar!

    If you are interested in learning more about doing business with Russia, Cuba and Iran, please take time to view this informative webinar and reach out to WCC International or Global Chamber®.

    And did you miss it, or wish to see it another time? Here it is: Watch recorded webinar

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  • 06 Apr 2017

    Headquartered in Stevensville, MD, International Green Structures (IGS) is striving to be the global leader of sustainable housing solutions by providing affordable, durable building materials and structures. IGS offers a variety of pre-engineered designs ranging from single and multifamily homes, large scale worker housing, and transitional shelters for natural or man-made disasters. Ideal clients are construction companies, developers, non-profits, to emerging nations, communities, oil and gas mining companies, and corporations.

    IGS manufactures sustainable Compressed Agricultural Fiber (CAF) Panels. The process starts in the field with the straw left after the harvest of rice and wheat. The straw has little nutritional value for feedstock and is normally burned and or tilled under. IGS procures the straw from the farmer, thereby creating a second cash crop and compresses the straw into durable, strong CAF Panels which are cut into specific lengths for architecturally approved designs. At the build site, the CAF panels are fit to pre - engineered steel framing systems to create IGStructures for houses, schools and healthcare facilities. IGStructures are easy to assemble and pre-engineered designs allow for quicker, no waste construction and cost savings across multiple sectors.

    CAF technology has been used globally for over 70 years and has no long term impact on the environment. IGS has significantly improved the product and assembly process allowing for easy transportation and assembly at the job site within days of arrival. In 2008, the design was approved by the US Federal Government as a post disaster housing technology solution. IGSM-K and IGSM- W (their worldwide manufacturing facility) has exported product and successfully built IGStructures in the United States, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Vanuatu, Colombia, Guatemala and India. IGS is headquartered in Stevensville, MD and manufactures and exports from IGSM-K (Thika, Kenya) and IGSM-W in Whitewright, Texas.

    Learn more: