• 17 Apr 2016

    Register now for Global Chamber® Baltimore's educational session on how cultural mindset affects business with Asia. If you are initiating or expanding your business to Asia, you need to make a culture inventory. This seminar will help you understand your world view, and obtain the cultural intelligence that is crucial to your success in the Asian business market. It is widely known that global business success depends on intercultural ability and training of those who represent their companies. 



    Date: April 26, 2016

    Time: 8:00 am - 10:00 am

    Venue: Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship


    Fee: $25 (Non-Member) / $15 MCE Residents/Affiliates / Free (Members and Students)





    Arthur Saguban Minsberg, President of Adaptasia, LLC has had extensive life and professional experiences that make him an excellent intercultural communications trainer. 

    Mr. Minsberg was born and raised in the Philippines, then moved to the United States where he attained his B.A. in Speech Communications at Montclair University and his M.A. in Asian Studies at Seton Hall University. He is a native speaker of Tagalog (Philippines) and spent several years teaching Chinese (Mandarin) and English as a Second Language at the college level.

    Previously, as marketing manager for Brooks-Cole (at the time, a division of International Thomson Publishing of Toronto, CN), Mr. curriculum-support materials to K-12 schools and to public libraries.

  • 07 Apr 2016

    Recently, Global Chamber Baltimore took part in a worldwide virtual event about the emerging market Iran. The event, hosted by Global Chamber® San Diego, provided insight into the opportunities and challenges of doing business with Iran today.
    Speakers, Shahriar Afshar, President of the  Iranian Trade Association (San Diego), Ed Leahy, Corporate Attorney and Co-Founder of Solsuus, Inc. (Washington, DC), and Shahryar Hakimi, Corporate Attorney and Co-Founder of Solsuus, Inc. (Tehran) shared their knowledge and expertise in this one-hour session. They spoke about the current business climate and how business has changed since January 16, 2016, Implementation Day for the suspension of certain sanctions against Iran by the P5 +1 countries regarding Iran's nuclear program. 
    A few takeaways from this session included:
        -Doing business in Iran is possible, but it is expensive because of the OFAC license required. Boeing has successfully navigated this process.
        -The new Iranian market is complex and you can't go it alone. You need to look to Iranian market business experts to help you.
        -Iran has many young entrepreneurs and young people who are extremely interested in American products.
        -Some U.S. government sanctions still apply and must be strictly adhered to when doing business with Iran.
        -The United States lags behind other countries in making inroads into the new Iranian market. European companies are setting up the groundwork now.
        -Global Chamber Baltimore members, including Robert Hotes, Ph.D, who is evaluating some opportunties with the new Iran, found this session to be highly informative because it offered current, useful, and practical information.

    If you would like to view a recording of this session, contact Global Chamber Baltimore.